Fashion Roundup Chicago to Los Angeles

At this point in my life I have learned many traveling hacks. I've learned to make nightlife shoes work in the daytime too, or they don't get packed! Trial and error has helped me become a self-proclaimed "pro-traveler." I have also become a serial outfit recycler due to the lack of options a single carry-on piece of luggage can hold. I knew I would be walking around a lot during this trip and wanted to bring pieces that could accommodate changing climate, sight-seeing, comfort, and of course, fashion!

Items Packed:

2 pairs of jeans (1 distressed denim, 1 solid dark denim)

1 pair of black yoga pants

1 workout tank top

1 sleep t-shirt

1 black long sleeved shirt

1 pair gray sweatpants

1 gray blazer

1 light hunter green jacket

1 navy cami tank top

1 white dress tank top

1 white peplum tank top

1 light pink ruffled sleeve shirt

1 striped off the shoulder shirt

1 pink silk shirt

2 dresses (1 nude, 1 floral)

3 bras (1 sports, 1 strapless, 1 regular)

5 pairs of shoes (1 running, 1 sneaker wedges, 2 chunky heel options, 1 pair of sandals)

1 two-piece outfit (matching pattern)

A LOT of socks and underwear

Items Purchased:

1 light blue dress

1 camouflage jacket

I did a really good job of not buying anything extra and I'm not entirely sure how I managed that. 2 weeks of playing the role of jet setter was fun, but I am ready for some Southern hospitality, friends, my bed, and my closet! Hope you all enjoyed this fashion roundup from my recent travels. What kind of tips would you offer from your traveling experience??


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