When in Rochester, NY

What a city Rochester, NY is! From a first impression standpoint this place is lovely, clean, spaced out well and thriving. The only scene I didn't cover while here was shopping. Shocking I know! During my week stay I knew I wanted to explore and maintain a strict budget so I can start saving for the Holiday's and new home decor. (Yep, I have officially lifted into adulthood) Upon arrival at The Strathallen Hotel & Spa I was impressed by the posh decor and lively hotel bar scene on a Sunday evening. The staff is professional, considerate and very helpful. The Strathallen is in walking distance to many trendy neighborhoods, museums, and even a local co-op grocery store. Hart's Local Grocers hit the spot for keeping my travel budget in tact. Lot's of New York goods and a very nice selection of sale items can be found here too! We were recommended a local bar to grab some food after the kitchen closed at our hotel Bar. We made our way over to The Angry Goat and let me tell you there is NOTHING angry about this place. Sunday night is karaoke night so while I was waiting for my order I got to sing along to some fun classics and mingle with the locals. During my wait I also indulged in a $2.50 Lebatt Blue Light, because you just can't beat that everyday price. The bartender Jeremy connected us to some helpful information about Trivia night every Tuesday, so we decided to make a return to TAG to test our brain power. Trivia night at TAG is hosted by Geeks Who Drink and was a lot of fun. We came in 3rd place out of 15 teams. (Cue the tears though because missed out on 1st place by 3 points) Post-trivia celebration called for a visit to the infamous Lux Lounge in The South Wedge neighborhood. My Nashville friends will understand this next reference. Picture Nashvilles own Red Door and Urban Cowboy patio area mixed with a hippy college party, that is Lux Lounge. It also reminded me of the East Side of Austin, TX. We didn't stay longer than one brew but this place started filling up as we were heading out. Word on the street is The Lux Lounge is "The Spot." Notable places during my stay are Char, The Gate House Restaurant, The Daily Refresher, Playhouse Swillburger, and John's Tex Mex.

My favorite part of my visiting Rochester was learning about the rich history and going to some stunning museums. I started with The Strong Museum of Play which brought back so many memories from childhood. I filmed a video to show you some of the highlights that can be viewed below. I want to thank Noelle from TSMOP for a great afternoon of play!

Next up was The Rochester Museum and Science Center. This place was AH-MAZ-ING!!!!! So many things to learn about, participate in, and touch. From the sounds of it they change out some exhibits too so there are new things to explore annually. Thank you so much to Kim and Hannah!

Finally we made it over to the Memorial Art Gallery and The annual Clothesline Festival - a fine arts festival. The art, jewelry, crafts and food were all extraordinary. The gallery itself was a sight to see. From modern work to legendary artists housed in the MAG my eyes were big with excitement. A student of the Eastman School of Music gave a performance on a Baroque Organ dated from the 1700s which was a stunning piece of working art. Monet paintings, Okeefe, Coleman, Hommer, and so many more fill this beautiful space. A must see for any art lover.

Rochester Favorites:


1. Angry Goat

2. The Daily Refresher

3. Playhouse Swill Burger


1. Cafe Sasso

2. Starry Nites Cafe

3. Glen Edith Coffee Roasters


1. Rochester Museum & Science Center

2. The Strong Museum of Play

3. The Memorial Art Gallery


1. The Gate House

2. Nosh

3. Marty's on Park


1. Hart's Local Grocers

2. Swan Market

3. Schuber Liquor Store


1. Harro East Athletic Club


3. Midtown Athletic Club


1. The Strathallan Hotel & Spa

2. Bed & Breakfast at Edward Harris House Inn

3. Dartmouth House

Bottom line is when the weather warms up make sure to look into planning a trip to Rochester, NY. You are close to Lake Ontario, 11 beautiful lakes (some surrounded by wine trails!) and immersed into the culture of a beautiful historical city. Visit Rochester!!!!

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